Shine Stone provides full-spectrum business consulting services tailored to clients. With a talented team, we are deeply immersed in the market places in Asia & North America, understanding the cultures, knowing the business practices and staying on top of the situations

Our Capabilities


  • Implement strategic sourcing and procurement 
  • Manage suppliers
  • Reduce unit costs and improve productivity

Supply Chain

  • Identify the issues that constrain throughput, drive up operating costs, and damage service 
  • Quantify the impact of daily operating problems from order entry, capacity planning and scheduling, material flow, to handling and distribution 


  • Design concepts
  • Develop products
  • Prepare engineering programs


  • Plan time and cost
  • Coordinate and manage human resources and any other resources such as material and budgets
  • Monitor and control project variables
  • Conduct post-implementation review  
  • Risk management
  • Corporate governance
  • Strategic management


  • Analyze petroleum production data and prepare technical reports
  • Evaluate the economic feasibility of petroleum projects
  • Locate appropriate investment opportunities for investors
  • Provide full solution including site visit, transaction negotiation and public relations
  • Assist investors in managing petroleum companies post-investment