Customize For You


Shine Stone is flexible enough to meet your specific needs with care and attention to details. We shine with our products and services, and we shine even more when you have special needs. Shine Stone customizes services through the Cornerstones.



Corporate integrity is the key to our sustainable growth. We resolve tensions between all stakeholders fairly, and we have sound systems in place to report misconduct, including:

  • Keep communication channels open
  • Respond to stakeholders transparently and efficiently
  • Conform to applicable rules, policies, regulations, and laws
  • Transfer, store and use data properly according to specific agreements


We listen to our client's requirements, we hire talented specialists to understand them, and we design time saving feedback systems. By dividing the tasks into small pieces, we are able to execute promptly and effectively, such methods are:

  • Advance preparation
  • Minimum supervision
  • Comprehensive planning
  • Simple and clear service delivery


As a result-oriented company, we are continuously inspiring team members. We invest time and capital to assist employees in creating fresh operating systems and working techniques, such approaches can be:

  • Daily summary and improvement check
  • Bonus for proposing new ideas and patents application
  • Set up unrestricted communication channels within corporate
  • Quantify client needs by cooperating with parties along the value chain


Under many circumstances, 80/20 rule plays a pivotal role. We work diligently in every aspect before and after any tasks are completed. We have helped our clients by means of:

  • Precisely and efficiently set KPI
  • Strengthening corporate internal control
  • Thoughtful recruitment process and strict training
  • Providing sufficient and necessary incentives to employees